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EDITOR - It boggles my mind to the extreme to see the headlines in H- and B-Metro. Terribly inappropriate content!

I wonder, Am I the only one who finds this so abhorrent? Who is holding them accountable for corrupting the moral fabric of our society? They talk about blow jobs, public sex, cheating, public stripping, among many, many other vile things. I normally would never have even mentioned some of these things (and I apologise for any offence), but I think the situation has reached worrying levels.

Our young people, with their impressionable minds, see this trash on their way to/from school. A society struggling with HIV infections, teen pregnancies (resultant school dropouts), divorce, does not need these “sizzling” stories. I implore on the powers that be, be it even the President or Prime Minister, to do something about these things that put our society in self-destruct mode. Now, would that be supressing freedom of speech? Any family could tell you that freedom of speech does have its limits. Apparently, H-Metro has none. ANON., Harare

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