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News is our only weapon
- I think it is because of your story on 9 March, the violence in Bulawayo seems to have ended for now.

We were living in fear from gangs who came to our houses telling us that if we could not speak Shona we should go and leave the city to the true Zimbabweans.

The day your paper appeared it was sold out and everybody was talking about that incident. By the Saturday, ZANU youth who had been moving in gangs to attack us were just holding rallies about sanctions, but no more being violent.

I am okay because I worked in Gweru and learned some Shona, but many here were beaten over the days of hell when we thought Gukurahundi was coming back because amaNdebele were being told they should go back to South Africa if they did not know Shona.

It seems your story made people jump and they stopped their nonsense. News is our only weapon. Thank you from all who have suffered so much. – Nkosazana Ncube, Bulawayo

We need political maturity

EDITOR It is time the political protagonists in both Zanu (PF) and MDC as well as stakeholders come to realize that to prolong the current scenario will be their undoing.

This political mudslinging is not assisting anyone. What is needed is some political maturity because the masses on the ground are the ones who are bearing the heavy brunt of the economic meltdown caused by the political imbroglio.

The new constitution is vital because it has been one of the major sticking points. This cannot be left entirely to the political parties. The Mugabe factor must be eliminated – because he has been a hindrance to progressive efforts taken by both internal and external forces. He must get a push from members of his own party. He should be told that the time to step down is long overdue and he needs to elect a successor. Prolonging his term of office is not only doing harm to the country but to the party as well. A united and concerted effort can result in Mugabes exit, by granting political immunity because it is evident that his overstaying in power as a result of fear of prosecution that might follow after he steps down.

The Zimbabwean crisis could also be resolved by the involvement of non-governmental organizations doing conflict resolution. The Electoral Institute of Southern Africa can lobby the government to change some of its flawed electoral laws.

Another important area that the non-governmental organizations can pay attention to is of good governance and development delivery, which is crucial in countries like Zimbabwe where social and physical infrastructure has collapsed as a result of diversion of resources to issues like state sponsored violence and formation of youth brigades.

The Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust (ZIMCET) is an example of a community based organization, which received funding from an International NGO to help deal with conflict in Harares Highfield suburb, where violence used to erupt because of poverty. Rivalries between supporters of Zanu (PF) and MDC developed an atmosphere of distrust, but ZIMCET managed to cultivate strong relationships with leaders and committees for the youths. Sports leagues for out-of-school youth who wee unemployed were formed as these groups were more liable to violence. Others concentrated on drama and art. Both sides ended up acknowledging their mistakes.

Only external bodies like the UN, AU and most importantly SADC can pull the plug on Mugabes regime. So a combination of both a carrot and a stick approach could go a long way to resolve the issue. It is high time these countries stop treating him with kid gloves.

Western countries can play a pivotal role in solving the crisis by minimizing their belligerent attitude towards Mugabe regime. Demonizing him as a person only allows his stiff-necked attitude to continue.

To sum up the Zimbabwean impasse could be put to finality by combining a cool headed approach from main opposing camps in the crisis and a calculated but hard stance from the international community. – Thabani Bhebhe, by email

Many welcome ZAPUs revival

EDITOR – We are shocked by the childish and selfish behaviour by these parties regarding the Speaker of Parliament position. In what ranks as madness of astounding proportions, the complainants and litigants in the case where Lovemore Moyo lost his position are now threatening to cast spoilt ballot papers, by commission or omission, as ammunition in the battle of the professors.

Their action, in the first place, was supposed to be driven by genuine misgivings with regards to the process that led to the election of Moyo. Having succeeded in their legal challenge, Zimbabweans expected the victors to be equally steadfast in being part of the solution in the election of the new speaker. Instead, they seem to be using this as a bargain tool in their quest to catapult their leader to the premiership.

This group, a smaller piece of the many pieces, must be reminded that Zimbabweans voted them to fully participate in the democratic transition of our country, instead of developing a convenient allergy to electoral processes. While this is in retaliation to the equally treacherous and tribal behaviour by leaders of the two cousin parties in the GNU, who are continuously changing the rules of engagement to suit their brotherly narrow and tribal objectives, they are better advised to act in a more mature way.

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans, just like the wise people of Mutasa South, are celebrating the fact that as the three circus elephants fight, the grass is not suffering, but shifting with the ground, and shifting very fast, the ZAPU way.

This whole circus, a sad theatre of political grandstanding, serves to rubbish the old saying that blood is thicker than water. Otherwise how do we explain that the master litigant was Moyo, Jonathan, the respondent Moyo, Lovemore, the new candidates Moyo, Khaya Simon versus Moyo, Lovemore? Maybe Moyo, Tongai should just compose a song about some Big Dhewa machines fighting each other, destroying their whole clan, while the Gushungos and Saves are laughing their Singaporean lungs out. – Mso Ndlovu, ZAPU Northern Region

Investigate 2008 genocide

EDITOR We all know that many of the activists and dissenters who where murdered by Zanu (PF) since the year 2000 were buried in mine shafts, and on Zanu (PF)-owned farms. Some were thrown in gas tanks and some in lakes. This genocide should be investigated. The International Community is impotent.

Zanu (PF) leaders will one day be charged with crimes against humanity. Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans have been violently murdered by party thugs. This party is from the devil and is not tired of shedding innocent blood of Zimbabweans.

Where are all the opponents who disappeared? Zanu (PF) is guilty. All the blood of innocent people murdered should be avanged. – Collen Makumbirofa, Foundation of Reason & Justice, Harare

What is God saying?

EDITOR With all the trauma happening around the world this year so far, we need to remember that God has often spoken to people through earthquakes. A brief study of the scriptures shows that earthquakes are the voice of the Cross. The earthquakes before were pointing forward towards it. The earthquakes afterwards point back to it.

There is also a report of a violent earthquake that broke open the prison where the Apostle Paul was chained. The earthquakes tell us of Gods holiness and hatred of sin. Look at the trembling earth and trembling people of Mount Sinai, when Gods holiness was revealed in His law which we have all broken.

And the earthquake at the death of Jesus tells of Gods judgment upon sin, but because that judgment has happened on Jesus, there is now no barrier between us and God.

The earthquake at the garden tomb tells us that Jesus has risen, and those who believe in Jesus have risen spiritually, and will rise physically. The earthquake in Philippi tells us that belief in Jesus brings freedom. Your chains fell off, your heart is free, you rise, go forth and follow Thee!

We need to understand that God is still speaking through earthquakes. He is calling all people everywhere to repent and turn to Him, to receive his kindness, to forgive others, work for justice and righteousness and seek to live in peace with all men.

The Church on earth is Gods instrument to say, in the words of Amos, prepare to meet your God. There will be more earthquakes, and we will only be safe and secure if we trust in Jesus. – Prayer Warrior, UK

Petition proves there are no sanctions

EDITOR – It seems to me Zanu (PF) is forcing Zimbabweans to sign their “anti-sanctions” petition because they have come to realist that most people know there are no economic sanctions against this country.

Nobody is being spared from their terror tactics. Old, young, disabled, school children and even the sick. How nauseating. It the petition was popular we would have seen thousands queuing to sign it.

Let the truth be told Zanu (PF) is the party that has imposed sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe by refusing to honour the GPA and harassing people. Zimbabweans ate suffering not from sanctions but from the actions of Zanu (PF) and it acolytes in the armed forces.

Lastly, I thank your newspaper for highlighting the suffering that is going on in this country. – Franos Rugeje, Chiredzi

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