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EDITOR - ZAPU wishes to put to the public attention the continued human rights violations on its members by Zanu (PF) officials.

Recent events, particularly in our stronghold of Mashonaland West province, are a replica of the events preceding the atrocities committed on our members in the 1980s. Our members, particularly in Hurungwe district, have been subjected to well calculated, rehearsed and systematic threats of violence, displacement and death.

In a recent recurrence of these human rights violations, Foni Madiro, a senior member of Zanu (PF), threatened our provincial secretary for security, Alex Chiwara, with violence and eviction from his Mambizi Farm. He is also alleged to have threatened him with death if he failed to leave the farm. Chiwaras only crime is belonging to ZAPU.

We advised Chiwara to report this matter at the nearest police station, which he did in Karoi, under RRB 1083402, CR 146/2/11. We are very grateful to the police for their co-operation in this matter, but we would like to warn all those with an insatiable appetite for human blood whose thirst was not quenched by the more than 20,000 people who were slaughtered for supporting ZAPU.

Chiwara is an ex-ZIPRA liberation fighter with every right, just like ordinary Zimbabweans, to own a piece of land. However, it boggles the mind that the same self-appointed disciples of black economic empowerment are harassing the beneficiaries of the controversial land reform programme while at the same time passing slogans disguised as empowerment policies aimed at stripping and pillaging privately owned properties.

ZAPU calls on the inclusive government, particularly those claiming to be agents of change and excellence as part of their DNA, to focus less on issues like Gono, Tomana and Bennett at the expense of enacting laws or policies that protect and give security to land owners against any party bent on abusing access to this God-given resource.

While we are encouraging our former liberation fighters, the disciplined and well trained ex-ZIPRA forces, to engage communities in seeking forgiveness and reconciliation, we are appalled by the fact that members of a liberation movement are threatening the same traumatised communities. Zimbabweans deserve peace. They deserve prosperity. Above all, they deserve a caring government that does not discriminate its citizens according to political affiliation, tribe and race. NDLOVU, Director of information, Publicity and Marketing (ZAPU)

Not enough airplay

EDITOR – Thomas Mapfumo’s music is currently not receiving enough air play on the state-owned broadcasting, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Coperation, (ZBC). His latest album, Exile, has been banned from the state media by the Mugabe government. This eight track album is among others like Chamunorwa and Chimurenga explosion which have been also banned. Mukanya, as most of his fans call him, is currently staying in the United States of America where he tours all over the world to promote his music that can not be heard in his homeland.

According to his latest interview with, that is just the way it is when you go up against the tyranny. In the early 90’s Mapfumo’s music challenged the corruption of the Mugabe government, and those songs was banned too. Born in1945 in a small town of Marondera, Mukanya is a musical legend who deserves better recognition in his home country. WITMORE CHIMWANDA, by e-mail

On solid ground

EDITOR – Please allow me space in your widely read press to expose the goings on in Kingstons limited. The company is being milked left right and centre by the Group CEO Brian Sedze and his General Manager Manhando through nefarious, chicanery and shenanigan ways. They are each getting an allowance of US$200 which they invest at Tetrad on daily bases and this translate to US$6000 each per month at the expense of dejected, emaciated and frustrated employees who are not getting their salaries.

The General Manager is also getting an extra US$80 per day as food allowance for his child. Each of the top executive have employed a consultant on permanent basis a development that I have never seen in my entire life yet the company is collapsing. Recently the company released an advert claiming to be standing on solid ground and yet the company has closed three branches, J Moyo in Harare, Masvingo and Chiredzi. Please rescue the company by liquidating to pay creditors and employees. ANON., by e-mail

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