Livestock traded for satellite dishes

satellite_dish_zimRUWANGWE - Poor villagers have sacrificed their livestock in order to buy free to air satellite dishes as local broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) continues to churn out propaganda in support of Zanu (PF). (Pictured: Free to air satellite dishes are th

Free to air satellite dishes mainly screen South African Broadcasting Channels (SABC1-3) and Botswana television. Villagers said they had no choice but to sell their livestock to subscribe to foreign stations as ZBC continued to bombard them with sub-standard information and poor programming.

Irate villagers told The Zimbabwean that ZBC was screening jingles showering praises on the aged Zanu (PF) leader President Mugabe despite the formation of an all inclusive government. “We are tired of propaganda by ZBC. Although we are poor we have seen it fit to sell some of our cattle and subscribe to foreign media where there is better programming,” said Misheck Mapunga of Ruwangwe village who has subscribed to DS-TV.

“We are missing a lot from what is happening in our country because some people have turned a national broadcaster into a private property. We rely on foreign stations such as Voice of America, Studio 7 and SW Radio and newspapers such as ***The Zimbabwean which keep us well informed and updated,” said Rudo Kamanga, a vendor. Villagers blasted ZBC for continuing to operate as a mouth piece of Zanu (PF) instead of serving citizens.

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