MDC MPs ready to win Speaker’s vote

mdc_logoThe MDC members of Parliament will proceed to Parliament in spite of a unilateral cancellation of Parliament, by Austin Zvoma, a Zanu PF functionary.

The MDC leadership is expected to address members of the press and the nation from Parliament building at 2 pm. Zanu PF is scared of the vote for speaker because of factionalism and divisions in that party. The peoples Party of excellence, MDC is united, and ready to win the vote together with other progressive members of parliament across the political divide.

Members of Parliament, Lucia Matibenga and Paurina Gwanyanya – Mpariwa who were out of the country on parliamentary business had to fly back for the vote. The MDC has the full set of its MPs less Hon Muguti, who is in custody on account of trumped up charges.

Together, united, voting for real change!!

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