MDC must not fall for Moyos silly spin

mdc_logoAs the month of March draws to a close we have seen unprecedented desperation by Zanu (PF) trying to force us out of the coalition.

The arrest of Elton Mangoma, the displacement of the speaker Lovemore Moyo and the recent storming of Secretary General Tendai Bitis office by war veterans has escalated tension in the fragile government. Now more than ever we must unite as people of the MDC bound by our values and principles to work on delivering a new Zimbabwe.

Our unity does not depend upon unanimity. We have differences; but now, unlike in the past, we can derive strength from those differences, not weakness; wisdom, not despair. Both as a people and as a party, we can unite upon a programme that is wise and just, enlightened and constructive.

We meet in grief, but let us also meet in renewed dedication and renewed vigour. Let us meet in action, in tolerance, and in mutual understanding. For long enough we have taken a battering from a brutal and corrupt regime. Its time we tell Zanu (PF) enough is enough. This is our challenge, not to hesitate, not to turn about and linger over this evil moment, but to continue on our course so that we may fulfil the destiny that history has set for us.

We should never fall for the silly spin being embroiled by Jonathan Moyo, trying to frustrate us into leaving the Inclusive Government. Rather they should pack their bags and go if they cant whether the storm. Let us remain focused and we will complete the change. Matewu is Information & Publicity Secretary for SWD Youth.

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