MDC-N campaign prohibited

welsh_ncubeCHITUNGWIZA - Zimbabwean police on Sunday prohibited the MDC led by Prof Welshman Ncube (Pictured) from campaigning for the upcoming presidential election in Chitungwiza.

Riot police violently ejected MDC supporters from the Unit L Hall just after the arrival of Ncube and the party’s top leadership. Despite remonstrations by the MDC-N, police ordered everyone to disperse. This election therefore cannot be free and fair, says MDC-N Youth Assembly spokesperson Discent Collins Bajila.

After almost 31 years in power, President Robert Mugabe, 87, is making every effort to stay in power. His brutal crackdown on the opposition includes implicit government approval of violence against opposition activists and use of the largely partisan top echelons of the police force to scilence any dissent.

His actions have been widely condemned by the international community. MDC-N spokesperson Kurauone Chohwayi said : “People have been beaten, others hospitalised and our deputy organising secretary Laison Mushonga has been arrested.”

Mushonga was arrested after taking pictures of riot police beating up MDC supporters. Mugabe has mobilised boisterous youth, similar to the Hitler Youth, to support his Zanu PF party.

The MDC blamed the police of disrupting its meetings and rallies in advance of the upcoming presidential elections. It said ruling party militants, including youth militias, have already disrupted its campaign rallies in Harare.

Under draconian security laws, police must be informed of arrangements for rallies four days in advance. Collaboration between police and official youth service members gave militants enough time to plan disruptions and intimidate residents in areas around rally venues, according to the MDC.

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