Munyaradzi Shoko assaulted by six men some in army uniform

In Chitungwiza province, Munyaradzi Shoko, 27, the son to Chitungwiza South MP, Hon. Misheck Shoko was last night assaulted by six men some in army uniform in Unit G, Chitungwiza.

A medical report, found Munyaradzi to be suffering from multiple head bruises, a left eye haemorrhage, and swollen forehead.

The six who were driving a white pick up truck descended at Hon. Shokos house around midnight. They asked Munyaradzi who is a university student why he had not attended the Zanu PF restrictive measures event held in Harare yesterday. Munyaradzi received treatment at Chitungwiza General Hospital and made a report at Makoni Police Station. The police confirmed that there were soldiers based at the police station but it was irregular for them not to move in the suburb without a uniformed police officer.

Meanwhile the MDC has dismissed, as false, the latest threats by Zanu PF indicating that the inclusive government plans to nationalize foreign businesses and hand them over to a minority section of Zimbabweans. For the record, it is not government policy to forcibly seize foreign owned businesses under the guise of indigenization.

At a party marking his 87th birthday, Robert Mugabe said the government would target South African backed platinum giant, Zimplats, and the Swiss milk processor, Nestle, for nationalization because, in his view, they were looting the nations prime resources. The MDC finds Mugabes statements confused and contradictory. Recently when he opened the One Stop Shop at the Zimbabwe Investment Authority, he appealed for increased foreign direct investment. Today, he has shifted his position calling for the wholesale takeover of existing business entities.

We in the MDC are for the creation of an enabling environment for greater investment, respect for private business initiatives, encouraging Zimbabweans to lawfully expand the economic cake, rather than shrink it further by plundering the few existing companies struggling to take off after years of politically induced economic stagnation, hyperinflation, economic mismanagement and endemic corruption.

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