Namibia to sign petition calling for removal of sanctions

HARARE - A SENIOR member from the Government of Namibia says his government will also sign a petition calling for the removal of sanctions against President Robert Mugabe and his cronies.

The official who represented the South West African People’s Organisation (SWAPO), said this at a rally organised by Zanu PF for President Mugabe asking the West to remove the targeted measures against Mugabe and his cronies. He said he had been given the mandate by his government.

“Namibia will start a solidarity campaign in support of President Mugabe and his government,” the official said.

“We supported Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe supported us even during the days of the struggle.”

The official then signed the petition in Harare after the four hour rally making him the first official from neighbouring countries to do so.

More than 3 000 mainly Zanu PF members attended the rally addressed by President Mugabe and several officials including from the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), the Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (ZCFU), Apostolic Faith, the Zimbabwe Chiefs Council and student activists.

They all threw their weight solidly behind President Mugabe who recently turned 87.

At the rally, President Mugabe said he would continue his crusade against the West despite the fact that Zimbabwe is being isolated and not receiving balance of support from international organisations.

He said Zimbabwe was no longer a colony and would go it alone if it demands that.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF Chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo, former Zimbabwe Ambassador to South Africa, shocked the rally when he told them that since it had “rained” it meant the “God has blessed His Excellency”.

Moyo, dressed in Zanu PF regalia, then went on to sing praises about the President much to the surprise of the impatient crowd while giving his “Vote of Thanks”.

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