Parly fiasco: no free, fair vote

zimbabwe_parliamentHARARE - What took place in Parliament this week was a demonstration of Zanu (PF)s contempt for free and fair elections.

Their efforts were unsuccessful. Despite their shenanigans 199 MPs voted 105 for for Lovemore Moyo and 93 for SK Moyo. This shows how the two MDCs working together can control Parliament.

By trying to bribe MDC MPs into voting for its candidate for Speaker, Simon Khaya Moyo, the party has shown that it is well aware that it cannot win a fair fight. It is prepared, however, to go to any lengths to win including bribery and corruption. If MDC had done what Zanu (PF) has done, they would be rotting in jail by now. The police would have moved in swiftly and arrested all those concerned. Needless to say this has not happened to those Zanu (PF) officials responsible for the bribery. Earlier the MDC stunned members of the media who attended their press conference to announce that five MPs had reported that they had received $5000 each and as many as 10 others had been promised farms and cars as a reward for voting for the Zanu (PF) candidate.

In its desperation to control Parliament, Zanu (PF) adopted a two-pronged approach to win the election of SK Moyo attempting to bribe certain MPs and arresting others in order to reduce the numbers. The scale of the operation, involving as it did the military and the police as well as top officials like Jonathan Moyo and Senator Believe Gaule, shows that it must have been planned at the highest level. It is common knowledge that the junta of generals running affairs in Zimbabwe today has usurped the powers of the civilian authority.

The amount of cash flowing from the Zanu (PF) syndicate for this exercise would seem to indicate that the party and/or the junta, which only recently was scrounging for donations from businessmen and ordinary Zimbabweans, has come into some money.

The MDC says the bribery scam was hatched and executed by a criminal syndicate including Jonathan Moyo and Kudakwashe Bhasikiti. Moyo and Gaule were the chief architects of the so-called Tsholotsho Declaration a clandestine meeting held in 2008 to plot Mugabes ouster ad replace him with Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Political analysts said the scam was typical of Zanu (PF)s modus operandi. Everyone in Zanu (PF) has their price and they think that everyone else can be bought too, said one analyst.

It is interesting to note that in the original case for the dismissal of Lovemore Moyos election as Speaker, brought by Jonathan Moyo and others, the only complaint was that some MPs had shown their ballot papers to others. In this case a criminal offence has been committed bribery and corruption to pervert the due process of the business of Parliament is a serious office. We look forward to a full and speedy prosecution of those responsible by the police, he added.

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