zanu_supportersEDITOR - While the whole world is taking the fight to dictators' doorsteps we have business people here who think they are better off enjoying our money by singing Zanu (PF)'s mantra. Show us CZI's Kanyekanye and we will impose real sanctions on his businesses! Shingi Munyeza must be made to sleep on all his hotels' beds.

In Cabinet on Tuesday this issue was not raised or discussed – it is purely a Zanu (PF) election slogan and propaganda point.

The restrictions imposed on some 200 leaders of Zanu (PF) and related organizations

are in response to gross human rights abuse and failure to allow normal democratic

activity in Zimbabwe. They are not economic sanctions in the wider sense.

The Zanu (PF) propaganda campaign is being used to achieve two things:

1. to explain the collapse of the economy and living standards under the Zanu (PF)

government up to 2008; and

2. To try and use it as an election strategy – they have nothing positive to offer at all.

I do not think that the general population is deceived by this at all. The CZI contribution is just another example of the Zanu (PF) orientation of present CZI leadership. EDDIE, by e-mail

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