The rat is asking to be exterminated

Zanu (PF) is an ungrateful rodent that should be shooed out of the house.

When a wife starts bringing boyfriends into the bedroom in full view of the husband and children, such a spouse is only asking to be divorced and chucked out of the house, empty-handed.

No amount of community mediation can save such a marriage, where a husband is subjected to infidelity of this ratio by a wife. In Southern African culture polygamy is understandable when it is practiced by the husband – but never by a wife. Zanu (PF) is astonishingly behaving like a weird married woman with balls of steel. What authority is Zanu (PF) using to arrest MDC ministers? What moral high ground does Zanu (PF) have that empowers them to persecute people who are lenient enough to accommodate them in government after loosing elections?

Zanu (PF) is simply applying for marching orders from government because MDC is the legitimate recipient of victory in the last elections. There is no debate about this fact. The suggestion that MDC should leave government simply because of Zanu (PF)s hostility is as stupid as burning down the house to get rid of a rat. The intruder, the rat which invaded the house, should hide behind seats and cupboards and never interfere with the lives of the legitimate inhabitants of the house.

We all know that somewhere in our spacious houses, rats or ants are crawling under the cover of obscurity, but we dont give a hoot until these rodents start to interfere with our lives. Any ant that tries to whirl in my plate of meat while I am feeding is seeking instant termination of its existence. A rodent that tries to gnaw bodies of genuine occupiers while they are asleep is fast-tracking supplies of rat kill.

Zanu (PF)s rodent provocation of Zimbabweans by arresting MDC ministers, Members of Parliament and supporters is a clear sign that the ailing former liberation movement is resolute on fast-tracking its exodus from the corridors of power. The arrest of Energy Minister Elton Mangoma and the threatened arrest of Home Affairs minister Theresa Makone have blanked all doubts that Zanu (PF) is a snake that takes refuge in holes it never dug and gulps the digging termites in the process of usurping their shelter. In this scenario the snake seems to be turning on the very termites that voluntarily provided it with shelter for its winter sleep.

The continued militarization of the rural areas and all arms of government by individuals who have abandoned all claims to legitimacy is a circus by any standard that is equal to the 41-year-old lunacy of Muammar Gaddaffi. The arrest of Mangoma on feeble charges instead of that of Ignatius Chombo, who abused his Local Government ministry by grabbing residential and commercial stands in every town in Zimbabwe from Chiredzi to Chirundu, is an example of archaic witch-hunting.

Assigning a constable to apprehend Makone, minister responsible for Police, is as discourteous as inviting a grade 7 pupil to assess the competence of an Advanced Level student (Form 6).

One wonders why SADC and AU are failing to acknowledge and slam Zanu (PF)s explicit bullying semantics. It has become crystal clear that SADC lacks the way forward gear and is forever in a neutral position, preserving whatever caricature that exists at that moment.

If there is democracy, AU and SADC will preserve that. And where there is suppression AU and SADC will celebrate that. Autocratic monarchies like what is in Swaziland still enjoy the tacit support of AU and SADC. AU and SADC are behaving like soccer enthusiasts who support any team that wins either fairly or unfairly.

They are neither loyal nor driven by the sense of uprightness. Instead of coming out loud and clear that Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast who lost elections to Alassane Quattara must go, the aging idiots are forever paying lip service to a simple political equation. In some instances they even task fellow despots to mediate in elections squabbles. At some point even the unelected King Mswati of Swaziland who runs the Mountain Kingdom by decree was assigned to chair a SADC meeting on Zimbabwe in 2008. In all fairness what type of kindergarten is this that involves grey haired people?

Can we imagine that the AU and SADC are still to issue a scathing outright condemnation of Gaddafis wanton killing of his people? We are still to hear AU or SADC publicly acknowledging the truth that Robert Mugabe lost elections to Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008. The two regional bodies are even worse than the League of Nations that is brutally condemned in history as a toothless bulldog that never bites.

The League of Nations came into life in 1919 after the devastating First World War specifically to maintain peace and fight aggression. Instead of combating German warmonger Adolf Hitler, when he started invading other nations, the League of Nations developed cold feet and adopted a policy of appeasement which buoyed him into committing more acts of aggression. This precipitated the second war, a development hat the League of Nations sought to avoid. SADCs primary objective is to promote democratic practice in member countries but has been ironically sidelining with losers of elections. SADCs ugly foot-prints are visible in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Libya, Swaziland, Madagascar, Ivory Cost, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt and even DRC. SADC allowed shady characters and dictatorship to flourish at the expense of the will of the general populace all in the name of respecting the sovereignty of state members. – Sibanengi Dube is the Spokesman of MDC in South Africa, but this article is expressing his personal views that are not necessarily held by the Party

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