US$23,5m for waterworks

HARARE - Harare City Council's dilapidated Morton Jaffray Waterworks is in dire need of US$23,5 million for its urgent rehabilitation and upgrading.

This figure is more than the amount needed by all of Zimbabwe’s cities and towns put together. The grand total for cities and towns in Zimbabwe is US$173 500 000, but Morton Jarray will chew up the greatest portion of the fund. The country’s second largest city, Bulawayo, for example, needs US$18 950 000, while the third largest city, Chitungwiza needs only US$14 185 000, and Gweru about US$4 012 800.

Insiders interviewed told The Zimbabwean that this points out the “very unprofessional nature currently at play at the Harare City Council” whose mayors have come and gone without having done much about the dilapidated water works

built during Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI).

Since 1997, the insiders point out, the City of Harare has been run by a Zanu (PF) appointed Commission, reporting directly to Public Works and National Housing Minister, the wealthy Dr Ignatious Chombo. Many cities and towns, including Harare and Chitungwiza, have had their Executive Mayors fired by Chombo using the unpopular and out-dated Urban Council’s Act.

This top level document points out that the cash-strapped government needs US$1 063 105 000 for water and sanitation projects including the upgrading of water and sewer infrastructure in cities and towns. It says Harare City Council (HCC) needs US$23,5 million in total, US$3,1 million for waste water treatment and disposal and a staggering US$20,4 million for the Morton Jaffray waterworks.

Bulawayo needs US$18 950 000 for water supplies augmentation, distribution, and the replacement of 5 000 meters for US$650 000. Bulawayo needs the cash for national University of Science and Technology (NUST) treatment works and trunk sewer (US$5 million), rehabilitation of pump stations (US$,6 million), and rehabilitating Ncema Treatment Station for US$1 million.

The document says Mutare City Council needs a grand total of US$11 795 000 with US$166 000 for the construction of a water pipeline from Christmas Pass to high level reservoir in Mutare, as well as US$$90 000 for the construction of a 12 km duplicate trunk sewer from town to Gimboki Treatment Works. It says Masvingo City needs a grand total of US$13 820 000 to rehabilitate sewer pumps (US$120 000), water augmentation services, as well as US$800 000 for trunk sewer mains at Mucheke and US$900 000 at Rhodene.

Zimbabwe’s third largest city, Chitungwiza, requires US$14 185 000 for the construction of various items including the three grit chambers for St Mary’s pump Stations for US$700 000 and biological trickling filter for Zengeza sewerage works.

The document says Norton Town requires US$12 950 000, Gweru City Council, US$4 012 800, and Rusape Town US$12 780 020 for the rehabilitation and upgrading of water and sewer infrastructure in their places.

It also reveals that Marondera Municipality needs US$22 287 656 for various items, Ruwa Local Board US$7 185 158, while other towns and cities need a grand total of US$7 185 158, bringing this to a grand total of a staggering US$173,5 million for Zimbabwe.

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