Zanu PF disrupts prayer meeting

zanu_pf_logoToday, the MDC joined the rest of the country in commemorating the historic event of 11 March 2007, when Zanu PF publicly showed its violent disposition and disrupted a peaceful prayer meeting at Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare.

Today is a very significant day in the sordid story of the MDCs march towards democracy.

On this day in 2007, armed riot police disrupted a peaceful prayer meeting organised by the Save Zimbabwe Campaign. Sadly, Gift Tandare, an MDC Youth Assembly activist was shot on the chest and instantly killed. May his soul and that of others whose blood continue to inspire the revolution for real change, rest in peace.

The MDC leadership including President Tsvangirai and other civic society members were severely assaulted inside Machipisa Police Station.

11 March is a black day for the party and other progressive forces, but one which has to be celebrated and remembered. It is a sad but historic event, which has greatly and forever altered Zimbabwes political landscape.

The incident of 11 March 2007 showcased to the world the brutality of the regime that the MDC was fighting. This led to an extra-ordinary summit on Zimbabwe held in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, which led to the first series of serious negotiations to resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe which culminated in the formation of the inclusive government in February 2009.

The day will always remain in the heart, mind and souls of all innocent civilians who have been subjected to Zanu PFs utter disregard for basic democratic principles and the human rights of the people of Zimbabwe.

11 March will forever remain the MDCs Human Rights Day. The day changed our lives forever and sent Zanu PF to the grave.

As we commemorate this day, let us all soldier on until Zimbabwe is free. All Zimbabweans should join hands and celebrate the importance and achievements of 11 March.

Let us shun and say no to violence. Let us continue fighting for a better Zimbabwe.

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