Zanu PF resorts to terror tactics

The MDC has postponed the peace rally to next week after Zanu PF interfered with the meeting through the use of the partys traditional terror tactics.

Scores of innocent Zimbabweans were caught in the violence that occurred today near Glamis Stadium in Harare, the proposed venue of the MDC peace rally which Zanu PF invaded to block the assembly. As a party, the MDC strongly objects to Zanu PFs lawlessness and its clear lack of respect for the rule of law. These actions exposed the unpopularity of Zanu PF as it resorted to violence as an expression of its desperation. Zanu PF has demonstrated, beyond doubt, that it is afraid of the people and against a peaceful Zimbabwe.

Unsuspecting members of the public were battered with heavy logs, metal bars and whips, for merely passing through the area. Apart from the vicious beatings, several residents said they were robbed on varying amounts of cash, stripped of their valuables, shoes and clothing. The people of Zimbabwe demand justice and peace.

Together, united, winning, voting for real change!!

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