A journey into mystical world of African spirituality

double_faithZimbabwe-born author and medic, Matanzima Nkomo, has published an intriguing invitation to readers to join him on a journey into the mystical world of African spirituality, revealing the astonishing practices of his former tribe as old rituals clash dramatically with new faith following the introduction of Christianity to the country.

Deep in the heart of what was then Southern Rhodesia, Chiwhenga, a tribal chief and police officer with great responsibility is in crisis. He must provide honest, religious counsel and direction to his people at a time when he is being pulled in different directions thanks to the ever changing demands and persuasions of the tribe, of South Rhodesian native culture, and of his own particular beliefs.

Chiwenga has made a profound decision to embrace the Christian religion which has been brought into Southern Rhodesia by the Varungu or Europeans, much to the outrage of his people who are devoutly committed to their own traditional religious customs. The Europeans have also brought wealth, education and much-needed new construction to the country, about which the tribal folk feel excited and offended in equal measure.

They are ill at ease with their leaders new found faith, and consider it to be a betrayal of their ancient ways. They are anxious about having to assume the responsibility for these important traditions, such as rain making, spirit calling and national healing, without the wise Chiwhenga to lead them. But events begin to occur that make Chiwhenga doubt his Christian religion; paranormal incidents which sound bizarre and almost impossible for a Western reader to believe or understand, but which serve to solidify the tribes conviction. For them, their pagan faith will always remain superior.

Nkomo was born and raised in Zimbabwe and witnessed first-hand the fervent dedication of his tribes people to their ancient rites and rituals. As a child, he was captivated by the magic of it all. There is a legally recognised association of traditional healers in the country to this day. Nkomo heard and even saw how his tribe would use traditional cleansing, witchcraft and even ritual murder in order to deal with misfortunes, perceived misdeeds and diseases as an integral part of their social decision making processes.

He was inspired to write Double Faith after experiencing a paranormal attack himself; he believes that he was struck by a phantom stone, an object that had been cursed, and which resulted in him becoming ill, leaving a mark on his head for over a year. The book is born of his own internal conflict. – Published by AuthorHouse, RRP 8.90, available from the publishers website www.authorhouse.co.uk and from Amazon UK at www.amazon.co.uk

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