Attacks on the family

As family counsellors, we have dealt with numerous attacks on families over the years, and in this contribution we will discuss only a few of these as a way of assisting some families to be aware of and seek help to deal with such problems. A common thread that seems to run through most of the cases that we have handled is that most of these attacks are initiated or sponsored by family members rather than by strangers.

It is also quite common for these attacks to come from a familys neighbours and friends that may have their own reasons for wishing to harm the family. In the context of the African family, most of these attacks take the form of black magic and witchcraft. In a few rare cases, the attacks may be a result of silly love triangles and petty jealousies by ditched or aspiring lovers of one of the spouses.

In one sad case, the husbands mother was grossly opposed to him marrying the woman he loved. She consulted a witchdoctor who gave her some magic to spray around the couples home uttering such words as, Get out of here, you bitch, or, Ibva pano tigarike. As a result, the couple suddenly started arguing and quarrelling about all sorts of trivial matters, to the extent of physically exchanging blows. Fortunately, the wife sought counsel with an elderly Christian lady who prayed with her and counselled both spouses.

Suddenly the attacks stopped and couple started relating norm ally and lovingly. They eventually were able to identify the source of the troubles that they had been experiencing and devised strategies of effectively and prayerfully dealing with the husbands mother. Please note that they did not seek to seek revenge, instead they flooded the mother in-law with love and prayers.

In another case, the wife of a younger brother became so jealousy of her brother in-laws wife that she sought magic to turn the man against his wife. After she used the portion given to her by some evil woman, the man started ill-treating his wife day in and day out. She could not do anything right by him. The two of them sought counsel from their pastor, a man of God who is gifted in receiving all manner of revelations.

The man of God prayed with them and laid hands on them. He also visited their home and cleansed it of all forces that were not of God. Their troubles ended from then on. You may also wish to find out what exactly it is that may be messing up your marriage. Some men are known to have turned to small houses as a result of curses that have emanated from relatives that simply wished to ruin them or their marriages.

The third case we wish to share here pertains to a young lady who was married to a high-flying executive who was also loved by another lady who was single. The single lady made use of black magic after stealing a clothing item belonging to the executive gentleman. Each time the man sexually touched his wife she would itch all over her skin for a long and painful period. As a result, the couples bedroom life was almost ruined.

The married young lady approached us and we were able to refer her to a Christian lady friend of ours. She was prayed for in one session and given holy water to wash with. A few days later, she reported to us that the itching had stopped completely and their love life had resumed. The lady who prayed for her did not seek to identify the culprit in all of this, and no effort was made to take revenge. If your marriage is under some evil attack of the nature described above, there is help and it will not cost you anything but your time and availability. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.- [email protected]

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