Brick-making industry brings in bacon for co-op

homesHARARE - A Woman's co-operative in Harare is making brisk business producing bricks for constructing homes.

According to the Managing Director of J Mupwanda Bricks (Private) Limited, Julie Mupwanda, the brick-making industry was proving great for them.

“We are all women and are a co-operative operating in Harare,” she said in an exclusive interview.

“We make about 3 000 bricks a week and sell them to anyone who has cash. We are always overwhelmed because we cannot supply the market. Our clients keep us busy all the time and we cannot complain right now.”

The company makes bricks sold in Harare at a low fee mainly to poor citizens.

Women have been shunned from the local construction industry, despite the fact that it earns millions annually.

Women are conspicuously “missing” from boards of top construction firms in Zimbabwe especially from the influential Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (Cifoz) currently led by prominent business mogul, the flamboyant Phillip Chiyangwa.

Chiyangwa is Chairman of the diversified Native Investments Africa Limited (NIA), his cash-cow.

“Women must earn their positions and not just cry like babies,” Chiyangwa says about lack of female representation in his influential organisation.

Women are also “missing” from the Zimbabwe Building Construction Association (ZBCA), the second most powerful grouping of construction industry entrepreneurs.

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