Charity starts at home

Mugabe__SummitListening to Robert Mugabe (pictured) addressing mourners at the Heroes Acre, one witnesses a dismal attempt to self righteousness from a leader who skirts round the truth, bent on blaming everything and everyone except his failure to acknowledge that the fish rots from the head.

True to natures indiscriminate giving, his eloquence and oratory skills (inevitably in decline) continue to be used in unashamedly denouncing those calling for change yet offers no hint of self introspection nor questions the continued abuse of power by and within Zanu (PF). The imperative to remind Mugabe and his ruining party of the need to remove the log in their eyes before commenting on specks in others is beckoning.

Libya is turning out to be a theatre in which history is not only repeating itself but a reminder to those who continue to oppress, suppress and deny Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness to ordinary citizens. A reminder that injustices, wrongs and greed will eventually be challenged and defeated. A stark reminder too, to Zanu (PF) and the Mugabites that act with impunity at the expense of ordinary citizens will not defeat the will and desires of the majority.

Col Gaddafis ascendance to power rode on the support from the majority whom today he now calls rats, cockroaches and agents of imperialism. Instead of serving these very masses- Gaddafi and his close elites chose to appropriate and consolidate their political power by ruthlessly silencing the opposition, creating massive personal wealth. Making philanthropic gestures to foreign individuals and organizations yet denying opportunities to Libyan citizens. Zanu (PF) and the Mugabe regimes blind zeal to maintain and continue with the status quo typifies many a fallen dictatorial regimes disgraced path.

The use of state machinery to aid and achieve their selfish acts continues to be witnessed across Zimbabwe. Thankfully the re-election of the Speaker of Parliament brings hope and strength to those seeking freedom, justice and opportunities for ordinary citizens.

The Ivorian crisis largely ignored by most media contains the very same ingredients which led to the current uprisings across the Arab world, a clear indication that leaders in their zealous greed and selfish desires armed with state machinery will almost always ignore the calls from their majority. Interestingly, even Museveni of Uganda and Kagame of Rwanda (whose skeletons in the closet cannot be ignored), seem to note that Gaddafis disgraced downfall is chiefly because of his failure to address the needs and aspirations of Libyan citizens, a timely reminder that Charity does indeed begin at home.

As Zimbabweans witness the arrest, trial and detention of leading opposition figures, it is apparent that Zanu (PF)s well fed elites remain above the law and seem to have more favourable rights, a tale told in Animal Farm.

Abandoning the demands from the majority to share the national cake, Zanu (PF) elites continue to accumulate ridiculous amounts of wealth (so far reported-imagine other such secretive acquisitions!). The very majority whom that party purports to serve continue to wallow in deep poverty (undisputed poverty levels for the majority of Zimbabweans).

Under the pretext of anti-sanctions (real or otherwise), Zanu (PF), who have declared

themselves the Party in a supposed partnership government, are desperately trying to

monopolize nationalistic issues as an excuse for their greed in covering their failure to serve the majority.

As is with most selfish and greedy regimes, the Mugabe and Zanu (PF) regime, fail to heed the imperative command indelibly written across communities; Charity begins at home. Such is the ultimate call and source from which the majority continues to draw their strength in rising up against despots even in the face of death and brutality. In the end ones deeds matter more than words.

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