Chicken Inn hikes prices

HARARE - Innscor Corporation Limited (Innscor) has increased the prices for some of its products riling customers who are wondering why they have made the move despite inflation falling.

Customers are also asking why the cost of chickens has been increased and yet production costs have not.

Zimbabwe’s inflation rate has been falling since January this year and currently stands at about 4 percent having dropped from about 5 percent in February.

To make things worse Chicken Inn has immediately increased the price for soft drinks including water and Coca Cola from $0.50 to $0,60 and from $1 to $1,50.

This makes change very difficult to secure and customers are now being forced to buy something else such as doughnuts or cream buns because there are no coins at Chicken Inn or in shops countrywide.

A 300ml can of Coca Cola now costs $0,60 up from $0,50, while a 500ml can of the same drink now costs $1,50 up from $1 previously. Mineral water has also skyrocketed from $,050 to $0,60.

Delta Corporation Limited (Delta) hiked the price of clear beer but did not do so for soft drinks and customers are querying Innscor’s move.

Innscor Corporation owns Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn and Bakers Inn.

The food concern is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) and has a market capitalisation of $331,092,603.72. Its shares are being snapped up for $$0,65 each by punters.

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