CIO tortures MDC99 Spokesperson

HARARE - MDC99 Spokesperson, Aaron Muzungu, was tortured and savagely assaulted by CIO agents while in detention at Harare Central Police Station last Friday.

Sources within the police revealed that Muzungu was severely assaulted by CIO Operatives resulting in him passing out and vomiting blood. He was rushed to Parirenyatwa Hospital for treatment.

Muzungu who was formerly released at the Rotten Raw Magistrates Court, Monday, after spending four days in police holding cells, confirmed the torture.

Yes, I was tortured and savagely assaulted by an identified CIO operative at the police underground offices. I was rushed to Parirenyatwa Hospital for medical treatment since I had passed out and vomiting blood as a result of the beatings. CIO agents interrogated me about why I was advocating for targeted sanctions imposed on Mugabe and members of his rogue administration to stay. I told the CIO in no uncertain terms, that the targeted sanctions were justifiably imposed on the dictator and members of his inner circle, as they caused untold suffering among defenceless suspected members of rival political parties. Violations of human rights continued unabated. The CIO said Mugabe liberated the country through the barrel of the gun and would not be removed from office through sanctions, said Muzungu.

Muzungu said he would instruct his lawyers to institute legal action against the police in connection with the torture.

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