Gutu blames politicians for corruption

obert_gutu1HARARE - Politicians are to blame for the delay in setting up the Anti-Corruption Commission, says the Deputy Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Obert Gutu (pictured).

We must get tools to fight corruption and there is need to implement amendment 19 so that the commission is constituted, said Gutu at a Transparency International Zimbabwe workshop last week.

Even though the nation has an Ant-Corruption Commission that was constituted before the inclusive government, many people are ignorant of its existence and it has failed to do anything about rampant corruption at every level of government as it does not have teeth.

The commission must be visible, said Gutu. Even though they has been extensive coverage of corruption in the media by top government officials the police and the toothless Anti-Corruption Commission has not made any investigations into the


One matter which has raised the ire of the public is the revelation of Minister of Local Government Ignatius Chombos flamboyant wealth by The Zimbabwean.

Observers say the delay in constituting the commission and giving it teeth are a clear sign of how timid Zanu (PF) is scared of being scrutinized by an independent body.

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