How to manage home entertainment

radioManaging home entertainment is quite simple while children are still young. You can basically tell them what to do and when to do it. You can also switch off the television whenever you want to do without causing a serious uproar. As they grow older, there is need for formulating specific rules and enforcing them fairly and consistently.

Young children are usually quite happy to play with their friends or parents without the intrusion of either the radio or the TV. In our family, we have taught our children that there will not be any TV viewing before noon on any day of the week. This means that during the week-ends, every-body is able to use the early morning part of the day to undertake household chores, do some reading or play outside the house.

The TV is a serious handicap to family quality time if it is allowed to dominate our lives. We also allow our children time to watch the TV only until 10pm. After that time we all retire to bed, except for mom and dad who may wish to stay on in the living room and watch the TV or just talk. Fortunately, our children have largely come to accept these arrangements.

We know some families that do not allow their children to watch TV from Monday to Friday, but we think that is a little extreme. Once homework has been done, children should be allowed to watch TV a little before bedtime.

Sometimes children bring home some funny videos from their friends. We found out that the best way of managing these foreign videos is to join the children in watching them. This forces the children to borrow only clean videos and not the real sleazy ones that some kids end up watching. We also sometimes watch the TV with our children so that we get to know what types of films they enjoy watching. What channels do they generally view on satellite television?

A good parent should always be on the lookout for this information, otherwise you might have your children damaged by these worldly pieces of fiction right within your own sitting room. I remember the day I found my children watching a seemingly innocent country film and I sat down to watch it with them. A few minutes later, a naked woman suddenly burst out of a house and ran down the street screaming. My kids were as surprised as I was, but I took the opportunity to caution them against watching dirty movies. They told me that the movie had been quite clean from the start and I believed them.

Parents also need to lead by example when it comes to managing home entertainment. We cannot quite stop our children from watching dirty movies when we watch them ourselves. Watching such movies after the kids have retired to bed does not help because it will take only one day for your daughter or son to come back to the kitchen to drink water just at the wrong time. When that happens you are finished as good parents that do not watch dirty films.

The situation can be worse if your children find some dirty videos in your bedroom while you and your spouse are away someplace. First, the kids will gather together and watch the whole thing before you come home. Next they will ask you some very awkward questions about a movie some of their friends were talking about. They will want to know whether you have seen it before. Damned if you say yes, damned if you say no. Just dont do it.

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