Is Party of Excellence failing to conduct free and fair elections?

mpopoma_youth_clint_chigumburaSo the Party of Excellence, more commonly known as the MDC, has finally conducted non-violent elections for its Provincial Committee. (Pictured: Mpopoma youth, Clint Chigumbura bleeds after he was struck by an iron bar)

Party structures should always be elected and ready a month before Congress. Issues of violence were taking Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai and his National Standing Committee forever to resolve. The reason is because a great number in the National Standing Committee (NSC) were biased and interested. For example, the NSC erred by allowing MDC Vice President, Miss Thokozani Khupe, to interfere in the Makokoba District election.

According to information verified, the partys Oversight Committee accredited 348 delegates but total votes cast were 355. Where did the seven extra votes come from? In addition, why was Mpopoma Youth Constituency barred from Congress when its district elections were supervised by Virginia Muradzikwa and the National Oversight Committee?

What were non-delegates Artwell Sibanda, Busani Ncube and Alfred Ncube among others doing in the polling station? Who struck Clint Chigumbu with an iron bar on the head? Also, if the NSC allowed Mpopoma youths to vote, why did party security in Bulawayo vary the rule? Whose interests are being served here?

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