MDC should fully use congress to reunite with the poor ideologically – Matombo

lovemore_matombo3HARARE - Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) president Lovemore Matombo (Pictured) says the MDC should fully utilise the occasion of its congress in Bulawayo this week to redefine itself and abandon its right wing ideology that is far from the wishes of its founders.

In an interview with The Zimbabwean this week, Matombo said the MDC-T has in the past few years been drifting away from the people and was behaving like Zanu PF. The MDC is having its congress and that is the time to redefine its

ideological position. We would all be waiting to hear what type of political and economic ideologies do they intend to pursue, he said.

They should not squander that chance to redefine, reshape and deepen the process of democratisation at their congress in Bulawayo. Matombo blamed the current political violence that has marred the partys restructuring elections to greed among its politicians who are now pursuing personal benefit while forgetting the aspirations of workers who helped form what was to become Zimbabwes strongest opposition party since independence.

Said the ZCTU President, When you have a political party with individuals who are right wing in ideology, you will have these

problems, they have to move away from right wing ideology and come to the left. It was the intention by everyone when we formed the MDC that it was not going to behave like Zanu PF.

Even its own ideology, most people and especially workers thought that the MDC was going to provide the necessary political and economic ideology that is closer to the poor. Matombo said the ZCTU discussed the MDC-T intra-party violence and

vote buying during its general council meeting two weeks ago and was worried and disgusted about reports.

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