Mumbengegwis lame apology

mumbengegwi_mugabeFollowing the SADC Troikas Livingstone meeting, the Zimbabwe state media and spin doctors went to town criticising the Troika and Jacob Zuma, the SADC-appointed facilitator of the endless crisis. Tongue in cheek, Foreign Affairs Minister, Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, made an apology to SADC diplomats, claiming that what was reflected in the media was not t

This was a futile exercise in deception regardless of from which angle you looked at it. Comrade Mumbengegwi must have forgotten that President Mugabe himself had waxed lyric defining and re-defining the term facilitator on his arrival back home from Livingstone. He had even accused our neighbours of trying to tell his government how to run this nation and stated that that was unacceptable.

So, was Mugabe speaking in his personal and private capacity or was he expressing the fury of the government that he is President of? Good old Mumbengegwi did not try to explain this to his diplomatic captives. Politely, they did not think to ask him to explain this one. We all know that state spokespersons, whether they are newspapers or spin doctors, always take their cue from the government, or from the President and his ministers.

It was Mugabe who threw the first stone and his underlings were only doing what they are hired for and paid to do. The Minister of Foreign Affairs was certainly engaged in damage control, but his efforts left a lot to be desired. It is not enough just to say the Zimbabwe government will never insult or criticise the SADC. Tell the diplomats whether the Mugabe regime is willing to comply with the decisions and recommendations of the SADC Troika as spelt out in Livingstone. That is what the nation needs to know.

It never rains but pours on Zanu (PF) these days. Some truths are now emerging regarding the passing of Harare Provincial Governor and Zanu (PF) treasurer, David Karimanzira a few weeks ago. Reliable sources indicate that there is more to this than meets the eye. It seems he failed to account for some $4 million of the partys money. This may explain the sudden death that he experienced literally a day after attending a politburo meeting.

Another matter that has raised numerous eyebrows pertains to the refusal of Menard Muzariris children to come and attend his burial. The children are reportedly exiled in the UK where they were granted asylum. All of this paints a very weird picture of our liberators political party.

Add to that the story that the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Constantine Chiwenga, who also calls himself Zim-II, had to be airlifted to China for medical treatment, and you have a picture of death and decadence all around Mugabe and his reeling party. This nation is being governed by the living dead (midzimu mipenyu).

But to get back to the SADC Troika debacle, while it is commendable that both the government and Zanu (PF) have disowned Jonathan Moyo in relation to his vitriol against both the SADC Troika and Jacob Zuma, it is still a fact that the nutty professor is a bona fide member of the Politburo. What needs to be done urgently is for that sickly political party to publicly expel Moyo from its ranks. For his part, Moyo was doing all of this on behalf of his beloved party and President.

The fact that Mugabe had to deploy envoys into the region to apologise for what was being published in Zimbabwe about the Livingstone meeting should be reason enough to retire the spin doctor from the party hierarchy. I doubt very much that Mugabe has the courage to take such action in between his sleeping times.

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