Not intellectually poor – PTUZ

HARARE The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) representatives said that although civil servants are poor, they are rich intellectually and are well informed about the salary stagnation that they say politicians are responsible for.

Zanu (PF) Ministers and officials have gone all out to apportion blame to the MDC-T, especially Tendai Biti, for the low salaries civil servants are getting, accusing Biti of refusing to allocate money to the sector.

However, PTUZ said that the responsibility to review salaries does not rest in the hands of Biti alone but all cabinet ministers.

Unexpectedly, we have been blessed by a crop of politicians speaking strongly and passionately for the cause of public sector staff. We thank God that our material poverty has not made us mentally poor and we are able to distil genuine sympathy for workers from all efforts to gain political capital out of our misery and suffering, said a PTUZ spokesperson.

The teachers representative body said that while politicians thrived on the ignorance of the masses, they were aware that the cabinet made recommendations for salary reviews. They further queried whether the government of Zimbabwe had a standing cabinet resolution to review salaries, in the absence of such a resolution we direct all politicians particularly those who sit in cabinet to demonstrate their sympathy for civil servants to resolve the matter in cabinet.

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