Not yet Uhuru in Zim – Shumba

JOHANNESBURG Zimbabwes independence would remain meaningless if millions of its people remain outside their home country and without representation in their countrys affairs, an exiled Zimbabwean lawyer said this week.

Gabriel Shumba, Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum, said with more than three million still living in exile having fled state-sponsored persecution and economic rot, both caused by President Robert Mugabes government, the struggle for proper independence could not be more pronounced.

Shumba said that even for those still at home, the shift towards more violence by the Zanu (PF)-dominated regime gave nothing to celebrate, adding that human rights abuses in the country were still at their highest. There is still violence and repression in Zimbabwe right now and the recent arrests of members of parliament, including that of Minister Elton Mangoma and Moses Mzila-Ndlovu, which show that there is nothing worth celebrating in Zimbabwe today, said Shumba, himself a victim of Mugabes violence.

The current state of affairs flies in the face of independence and does not bode well for the freeness and fairness of forthcoming elections. If SADC does not follow through on its recent resolutions made in Zambia, then we cannot rule out a situation whereby the events (mass uprisings) that happened in North African and Middle East remain isolated there.

Shumba said that, with the likelihood of Mugabe continuing to unleash violence in Zimbabwe, the regional bloc should force an election roadmap and deploy its monitors at least six months before the next elections in order to protect the people. There is no way the next elections can be free and fair without a people-driven constitution and proper reforms, including that of the security forces and the state media, added Shumba.

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