Police reduce public to ATMs – MP

bank_cardsSELOUS - The Chairman of the African Parliamentary Network Against Corruption (APNAC) Willias Madzimure has said that the police in the country have reduced members of the public to ATMs as they solicit for bribes while the public just pay in order to avoid arrest.

The police in the country have reduced members of the public to ATMs as they demand bribes. With no choice people end up bribing the police. If you go to some places such as the Mbare Magistrates Courts you will get away with any crime as long as you know the right people, said Madzimure, who last year led legislators in declaring their assets.

Corruption is a cancer that is threatening the very fabric of society and members of the public are accustomed to the police demanding that they pay bribes for petty crime.

Deputy Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Obert Gutu, said one of the reasons why the police are corrupt is because of their low remuneration.

A hungry man is prone to be corrupted, but lets see to it that the fight against corruption is not a government monopoly alone but should be extended to all sectors. No amount of law can change the mindset.

We need to shun corruption from an early stage, said Gutu.

A report by the Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) revealed that Zimbabweans believed that the police force was the most corrupt government organ.

Police spokesperson Wayne Bvudzijena said that such a scenario was reflective of the larger societal picture as the police were recruited from the public.

We have some corrupt officers in the organisation and we are on record acknowledging this problem. But that doesnt make us a very corrupt organisation because we still value our service charter, thats why we dont protect undisciplined or corrupt officers, said Bvudzijena.

But numerous recorded cases of corruption at the highest levels in the police force have never even been investigated, and many others have been quashed by senior politicians before they can ever get to court.

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