Residents battle filth as water disconnected

uncollected_rubbishGLEN VIEW - Residents here have resorted to using the park near Glen View Police Station, adjacent to Budiriro 2, after their water was disconnected - creating fertile ground for disease outbreaks.

Local councillors Victor Chifodya, Tungamirirai Madzokere and Gilbert Mashambanhaka have failed to intervene. The trio has not even convened a meeting with the affected community to discuss solutions to the perennial problem of residents debts.

Water is a right that cannot be taken away by anyone, let alone a council that relies on residents for its sustenance.

The Harare Residents Trust is urging residents to re-open disconnected water supplies as their health supersedes the demand for money to pay salaries to unconcerned council employees.

Meanwhile, garbage lies everywhere across Glen View, making shopping centres filthy and a real threat to health and the environment. At Tichagarika Shops, garbage was strewn all over with vegetable vendors going about their business without any concern for the environment in which they operate.

Uncollected garbage has become a serious concern to residents, with the potential for disease outbreaks even more frightening as time ticks. This is despite repeated assurances by the local authority that refuse collection would be consistent.

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