Resolving the crisis

handwriting_200_132EDITOR The Zimbabwean crisis is purely a Zimbabwean Crisis in the sense that for a final resolution to be achieved it is up to them to decide when and how.

Firstly it is time the political protagonists, both the ruling Zanu (PF), the main opposition MDC and other stakeholders, came to realize that to prolong this scenario will be their undoing.

This political mudslinging is not assisting anyone. What is needed is some political maturity because the masses on the ground are the ones who are bearing the heavy brunt of the economic meltdown caused by the political imbroglio.

The crisis in Zimbabwe can also be resolved by agreeing on a new constitution because it has been one of the major sticking points that has been stifling progress in many negotiations held by many players in the crisis. Constitutional reform cannot be left entirely to the two political parties. The churches, the National Constitutional Assembly {N.C.A} should partake in it too. Issues like presidential terms, media laws could be ironed out if all stakeholders agree to sit out their differences.

Thirdly the crisis could be resolved by eliminating the Mugabe factor because he has been a hindrance to progressive efforts taken by both internal and external forces. The factor can be dealt with effectively if he gets a push from members of his own party.

He should be told that the time to step down is long overdue and he needs to elect a successor. Prolonging his term of office is not only doing harm to the country but to the party as well.

The Zimbabwean crisis could also be resolved by involvement of non-governmental organizations doing conflict resolution. The Electoral Institute of Southern Africa can lobby the government to change some of its flawed electoral laws. The present laws have created some kind of one party state, a situation where Zanu (PF) has been winning elections since independence in 1980.

The Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust (ZIMCET) is an example of a community-based organization which received funding from an International N.G.O to help it deal with conflict in Harare.

To sum up, the Zimbabwean impasse could be put to finality by combining a cool headed approach from main opposing camps in the crisis and a calculated but hard stance from the international community on the government.

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