Robber called Gabriel

mugabe_EDITOR - He came into prominence on the 18th of April 1980. It is said because of his love for dominance he robbed his fellow comrades like Tongogara of their dear lives. The Robber called Gabriel is widely believed in many quarters not to have won any election in his country since 1980.

It is also well documented that in the 1980s he robbed dissenting voices in Matebeleland of their lives in the notorious Gukurahundi era.

If you happen to come across this Robber, you are kindly requested to report him to the nearest western country embassy, namely the UK and US, who will be more than willing to oblige by sending him to the highest criminal court in the world.

You are also warned not to try to do a citizens arrest on him, because it will meet with brutal consequences, as Peter Tatchell found out in the 1990s.

For those who are not sure of his identification, this Robber is very old, fragile and baboon-like with spectacles, but very eloquent in the Queens English. ON THE LOOK OUT, by e-mail

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