Tongue Tied? 2011

~ if your voice was stolen who would you tell?
Tongue Tied? fundraiser is back at the Cochrane on 7th May 2011 for the fourth and final time!

Experience the powerful line up of artists taking to the stage in this exciting evening of music, poetry, dance and theatre. Sit back and enjoy the night, while helping to raise funds to support Xen Arts projects in Zimbabwe ~ providing more opportunities for disadvantaged young people to speak out through the arts.

The Cochrane theatre will be closing its doors and moving home later this year so come and be part of the event that will be the ultimate Tongue Tied?

Xen Arts was founded in 2008 and the first Tongue Tied? night was created to use the voice we still have the right to but which is often take for granted. Tongue Tied? showcases established and emerging talent from both Zimbabwe and the UK. It is a night of energy and inspiration bringing together a range of artists who perform for free to support the projects initiated in Zimbabwe. Reflective of its name, Tongue Tied? also aims to be a platform of expression encouraging conscious and social change, a chance for voices to be heard.

Xenoula Eleftheriades, co-ordinator of Xen Arts said, My first trip to Zimbabwe was in 2007, when I went to perform at the HIFA festival in Harare with Tavaziva Dance. It was after spending some time there and meeting some of the dancers and musicians that I became amazed and inspired by the energy and enthusiasm for the arts by a nation experiencing such hardship and turmoil. I felt I needed to try and bring a little of this to a back to London, to bring awareness of the situation and also to give the other side of the negative story that we are often shown of Africa and Zimbabwe.

With the money Xen Arts have raised so far, along with some dedicated volunteers from both here and in Zimbabwe, they have managed to set up three youth groups in the townships of Harare which are still currently running as weekly sessions, taught by a Zimbabwean dancer/musician. These are now being linked with youth groups in Hackney, London, to create a cultural exchange between the young people. In 2010 the project included a mini festival for the children in Zimbabwe to perform their dance and drama pieces alongside professional artists.

Xen Arts aim to continue their work, creating more opportunities for young people to engage in the arts both here and in Zimbabwe.

For more information, quotes and photos please contact

Xenoula Eleftheriades

[email protected]


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