Two-headed calf shocks owner

two_headed_calfA Chinese grandmother collapsed with shock when her cow gave birth to a two-headed calf.

Dong Yubao, 65, of Gaoyang village, northern China’s Hebei Province, said his wife Li Chunhua, 60,

was helping the cow give birth.

“My wife and a neighbour were in the barn to help the cow through labour,” he said.

“The calf came out – heads first – and my wife fell to the floor when she saw the two heads and four eyes.”

Dong said the cow had previously been a mother many times and her calves had all been healthy and normal.

“I can’t understand why she produced such a weird calf this time,” he added.

The calf’s two heads point in almost opposite directions. Both heads have their own eyes, nose and mouth but only three ears between them.

Dong said the two-headed calf can’t stand unaided so his 16-year-old granddaughter Jinfeg is bottle-feeding it with sheep milk.

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