Will SADCs milk teeth bite?

CHITUNGWIZA - The now determined SADC is like a puppy that is developing teeth, so we anxiously wait to see if it will be able to bite its milk teeth into the hardened skin of an old hippo like Mugabe, said National Spokesperson for MDC99, Aaron Muzungu.

He said as a democratic party, MDC99 wished SADC every success in its endeavours to bring about people driven democratic governments in the region.

Naturally, we are delighted with the bold position taken by SADC against dictators like President Robert Mugabe who regarded themselves as little Gods. Mugabe must be forced to respect his signature in the GPA. Like any other dictator, Mugabe must be treated like an enemy to human race and SADC should not entertain his reluctance to cooperate as a principal to the GPA. Mugabe is so devilish that even Satan would find it difficult to work with him, said Muzungu.

Mugabes utterances suggested the old and frail leader would not reform and has no respect for SADC resolutions. It was time the regional body reined in tyrants. SADC should crack its whip on Mugabe as Zimbabweans have suffered enough under his oppressive rule. The regional bodys past failures in its attempts to resolve political disputes among member states leave us wondering whether SADC would walk the talk this time around.

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