Zuma insists on reforms before elections

jacob_zuma_president pours cold water on Mugabes plans for hasty poll
HARARE - President Jacob Zuma (pictured) has told the three principals in Zimbabwe's GNU to first complete necessary reforms before a fresh poll is held.

Details of the damning report tabled at the SADC Troika summit in Livingstone have now emerged. Its a serious indictment against President Robert Mugabe, and explains his angry reaction and assertions that Zuma was trying to dictate to Zimbabwe what to do.

The dossier, probably the harshest condemnation of Mugabe since the mediation began in August 2008, clearly stipulates that the roadmap must be completed and the GPA fully implemented, pouring cold water on Mugabe’s plan for a fresh poll. It is believed Mugabe’s waning health is driving him to polls.

Zuma insisted the roadmap has to be fully complied with to avert North Africa-style protests in Zimbabwe.

“It is time the SADC must speak with one voice in impressing to all the parties concerned that the situation can no longer be tolerated,” the report says.

“The focus that Zimbabwean parties have placed on elections without creating the necessary climate for those elections is an unfortunate sidetrack. The fact that Zimbabwean parties are in electioneering mode, and are more and more agitating for the holding of elections, while they have not done enough groundwork towards ensuring that the building blocks and institutions are firmly in place towards the holding of free, fair and democratic elections, is counterproductive.”

Zuma is unequivocal in his call for an end to violence and intimidation and says these negate any prospects for a free and fair ballot. Without mentioning any names, he rails against a “lack of political will” to fully implement the GPA.

“While the media commission has been established, the biggest challenge is that the board of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has not been appointed, nor has the Media Trust been constituted,” the report says.

“Those matters, including the absence of enabling legislation, restrict the media commission in discharging its functions.”

Zuma also calls for the MDC to be given equal access to the State TV and radio and official newspapers that have denigrated the MDC and blacked out its activities.

Zuma also calls for full implementation of the Land Audit Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission.

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