Brown is a changed man

and_chioniso2HARARE Talented musician Andy Brown has admitted that his political allegiance to Zanu(PF) has negatively impacted his musical career and he has restated that he is now a changed man. (Pictured: Brown admits politics has affected his career)

Brown damaged his musical career when he joined the crusade that sang Zanu (PFs) praises. He aligned himself with the poisonous Hondo Yeminda Campaign, which became a perfect platform for his fall. I admit that politics has affected my career. But I have to make it clear that, musically, I am a changed person. There are some smart musicians that have been patient with me and they have come out winners, Brown said.

Brown lamented over ZBCs decision not to play his latest album, Chiwoko:ZBC is refusing to play my songs and video on Chiwoko. They are claiming that the video is politically suggestive. I do not understand what they are up to.The video is about corruption. However, I am going to take the video to South Africa where I hope to have more airplay.

ZBC Public Relations Officer SivukileSimangowas singing a different tune and said: He is forgetful and he should give thanks. He is not telling the truth. All I can say is that the album is receiving commendable air play both on television and radio.

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