Disability shake-up call

RUSAPE A shake-up of disability services is needed to improve quality of life, a leading industry official has said.
National Association of Societies for the Care of the Handicapped (NASCOH) representative Herbert Mutasa said many issues needed to be addressed to improve the lives of people living with disabilities.

Speaking at a NASCOH meeting for regional advocacy, he said people with disabilities failed to understand their rights were not negotiable and protected by international conventions and the Disability Act.

He said must be given free access to health and education, among other critical services, to ensure they led normal lives.

People with disabilities have rights and these rights must not be asked for, Mutasa said.

We cannot have people going to the Department of Social Welfare every time to be given letters so that they can access health services.

He said the absence of a law binding a specific ministry caring for the disabled was a disadvantage, forcing the disabled to move from one government department to another for different issues.

You have to be united despite the difference in disability so that your wishes can be addressed, Mutasa said.

He said there was need for disability issues to be prioritized like HIV and AIDS.

Disability is as old as creation but what really has been done to improve the lives of people living with disability? he said.

Mutasa said people living with disabilities were being given paltry monthly allowances, as little as $20 and $10 for adults and children, respectively.

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