Donkey-drawn carts take ICT news to rural areas

donkey_libraryBULAWAYO The Rural Libraries and Resources Development Programme (RLRDP) has embarked on a strategy to introduce Information Communications Technology (ICT) to rural communities in a bid to maximize usage of technology outside cities and towns. (Pictured: Donkey drawn library)

RLRDP secretary general, Obadiah Moyo, said the organisation wanted to help people in rural areas to understand technology. We want an informed rural society where every person is guaranteed adequate access to relevant information in a sustainable socio-economic and political environment, he said.

He said the donkey-drawn cart libraries used in the past had enabled rural people to understand technology easier and faster. We fuse rural with modern technology and that is the case with our Donkey-drawn carts, they are user and environment friendly, he said. He said they were also teaching young people in the rural areas to use Internet facilities.

We do not want youth in the rural areas to be sidelined, they should also be well educated about the Internet facilities and the latest technologies, he said.

Moyo said RLRDP had also set up a library that keeps traditional equipment that is used by the community. We have equipment like reed mats and baskets that we keep in the library for the memory of the community at large, he said. The organisation, established in January 1990 by a group of people wanting to reduce the illiteracy rate, is concentrated in the remote parts of the country.

Its mission is to provide and disseminate relevant information to rural communities and to encourage indigenous collection and dissemination of information. Currently it is operating four mobile book carts in Nkayi, Bubi, Tsholotsho and Matobo and has 300 static libraries in the rural areas.

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