Dozens of MDC activists and their families arrested

mdc_symbolPolice today arrested dozens of MDC activists and their families; most of them in their homes and workplaces on allegations of killing a police inspector who his colleagues say was murdered by unknown revellers at a liquor store in Glen View, Harare.

It is important to note that before any investigations had been done the police rushed to the national press to blame the MDC. The resultant arrests of MDC members are therefore an attempt to justify this unorthodox behaviour. By late last night, the MDC and its lawyers failed to ascertain the whereabouts of those randomly picked up, ostensibly to facilitate investigations. The secrecy in which the swoop was carried out raises suspicion as neither the party nor the accuseds lawyers have been able to trace those netted in the offensive.

It is a fact that the police deny suspects food, and if injured, access to medical aid. For that reason, the MDC is keen to know about the fate of those unfortunately caught in the latest police dragnet. The party has only managed to ascertain some of those arrested to include Last Maengahama, an MDC national executive member and resident of Glen View, and his three brothers, Stanley, Edison and Lazarus Maengahama; and Odius, Lloyd and Precious Chitanda — all related to Glen View North chairperson of the party, Mrs Chitanda.

Also picked up were Mavis Madzokere, the wife of Glen View councillor, Tungamirai Madzokere, and Ollyn Madzokere her sister-in-law. The two were picked at their home. Stefan Takaedzwa was picked up outside the MDC headquarters, Harvest House this afternoon on the same allegations. The arrest of MDC members is a clear attempt by the police and Zanu PF try to portray the MDC as a violent party, which it clearly is not.

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The MDC Today – Issue 203

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