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john_makumbe_familyThe article we wrote a few weeks ago on attacks on families generated considerable responses from readers of this column. (Pictured: John Makumbe)

We were amazed by some of the problems faced by some families on a daily basis. We do not claim to have the solutions to all of the problems that were shared with us.

We have tried to respond to some of them on a personal and private basis, but we also feel that some people may benefit from seeking help from people we know who are actively assisting families facing such attacks. There are a few pointers that we need to mention in this instalment that may help some of the readers to know whether their families are under attack or not.

One of the commonest ways of inviting trouble for your family is to name your children after some of their relatives whether dead or alive. Names are highly spiritual in nature or character. There is no name that is meaningless. Every name has a meaning, or is attached to some practice or value whether good or bad.

The question is whether you know the meaning of some of the names that you gave your children. Do you know the kind of lives that the people after who your children are named lived? What things did they do in life? Do you wish your child to live the kind of lives those people lived?

In one dear family, we found out that five out of the seven sons were named after relatives in the extended family. None of the seven sons have ever done anything that qualifies to be called successful in life. Yes, they all went to school to some extent. In fact four of them did A-Levels. One of the seven sons quit school just after completing Junior Certificate. He simply said he did not want to go on with school and that was the end of it. He is now a vendor at a local flea market and brings home very little for the family.

One of the seven sons was actually named after his grandfather, a very bad man who practiced witchcraft and tried to kill his own son on several occasions. The young man is quite intelligent and very hard-working. But all the money he earns simply disappears into thin air before he can do anything sensible with it. This same story is repeated over and over among virtually all the sons in this family. All but two of the sons are born again Christians and one of them is actually a pastor at a local church.

There are some people who are anointed to help families like these by praying for them and giving them instructions regarding what can be done to get them out of their inexplicable problems. One such person lives in Hatfield, Harare, at Number 1 Holden Close, off Scott Road. The lady is anointed by the Lord our God Himself, and she has helped many people that we know. She does not charge any money for this service as she regards this as the Lords work.

Many people who visit her bring her gifts of money or groceries, just to enable her to look after her family. She is a mere primary school teacher and the work of deliverance is done at her home after hours. We urge you, if you have any problems of your family being under attack, to visit this lady and tell her your problem. You can also tell her that you got the information about her from us, we pray with her and we love her dearly. [email protected]

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