Hospital needs $700 000 to revamp water system

hospitalHARARE - Harare Hospital is in urgent need of $700 000 to revamp the archaic water reticulation system that has resulted in one of the biggest hospitals in the country going for moths with water.

The water system at the major referral hospital was installed in the 1950s and leakages are now common when water is available. Attempts to repair the pipes have resulted in burst of the pipes resulting in acute water shortages.

The action CEO of the Hospital, Dr George Vera, said that the dilapidated pipes were beyond repair.

The pipes at the hospital are dilapidated to the extent that water becomes a serious problem, he said.

The hospital has in the past few months been hit by water shortages which stoked fears of possible disease outbreaks.

In February, the institution went close to a month with no water. At the moment the hospital has two functional boreholes but they cannot cope with demand from large volumes of patients. The water woes at the hospital are worsened by its location on a hilltop – making it difficult to pump water.

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