Man eats his 25,000th Big Mac

A US man has eaten his 25,000th Big Mac - and says he plans to carry on eating them until the day he dies.

Don Gorske, 59, was honoured after reaching the milestone with a ceremony at a McDonald’s in his hometown of Fond du Lac.

Guinness World Records recognised Mr Gorske’s feat three years and 2,000 Big Macs ago, and the retired prison guard says he has no desire to stop.

“I plan on eating Big Macs until I die,” he said. “I have no intentions of changing. It’s still my favourite food. Nothing has changed in 39 years. I look forward to it every day.”

Mr Gorske is slim and walks regularly for exercise. He said he was recently given a clean bill of health and that his cholesterol is low.

His obsession with the burger started in 1972, when he bought three Big Macs to celebrate the purchase of a new car.

He was hooked, and went back to McDonald’s twice more that day, eating nine before they closed.

He’s only gone eight days since without a Big Mac, and most days he eats two. Among the reasons he skipped a day was to grant his mother a dying wish.

Mr Gorske said probably has an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and has kept many of the Big Mac boxes and receipts over the years, and has noted his purchases in calendars.

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