Regime change is not criminal – Mwonzora

Public media used for Poisonous propaganda
douglas_mwonzora2HARARE - When the constitution clearly says that everyone has the right to vote into office who they want to be their leaders, it means regime change is not criminal, says the MDC-T national spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora (Pictured)

Addressing journalists and members of the civic organizations at a public lecture organized by the Mass Public Opinion Institute last week the Nyanga North legislator said it was regrettable that Zanu (PF) and its leadership were infecting

Zimbabweans with their poisonous propaganda through the public media mandated by the people to inform, educate and entertain them.

The constitution is very clear in that it provides citizens with the right to elect their leaders, that is why there are supposed to be elections held over a stipulated period according to the same constitution. I believe when Zanu (PF) won the election in 1980, it was also a matter of regime change. Moreso – it had the assistance of several foreign players. But it was ultimately a matter of regime change, so regime change is not criminal, said Mwonzora.

Another guest speaker, Trevor Maisiri, programme director with the African Public Policy and Research Institute, said it

was surprising that Zanu (PF) would choose to go it alone after the hard-line stance taken by South African President Jacob Zuma.

In response to Maisiris remarks, a self -proclaimed Zanu (PF) spokesperson at that meeting, Goodson Nguni, caused hilarity in the audience by saying: I can tell you if we as Zanu (PF) decide to pull out of the GNU then the whole thing collapses, and only one person in Zimbabwe can call for elections and this person is President Mugabe. If he (Mugabe)

wakes up tomorrow and says elections are to be held tomorrow they will be held and those who disagree are free to boycott we dont care about legitimacy.

However Maisiri quickly reminded him that after Zanu (PF) controversially won the bloody 2008 election, his party failed to go it alone – calling the two MDCs on board. This country became governable only after the inclusion of the MDC into the government and for one to say they can go it alone as a party does not show any level of maturity, he said.

I just hope this man does not hold an advisory position to our dear President, he is really a dangerous man with dangerous thoughts, if he is not in an advisory position then I hope he does not relate with his advisers, said Mwonzora.

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