Soldiers mount roadblocks in search of arms

HARARE - Soldiers last week mounted roadblocks in Mudzi, stopping vehicles as they searched for arms.

According to motorists who were stopped by the state security forces the soldiers were not harassing anyone but their presence in the political hotbed just 10 km from Kotwa has left villagers uneasy.

We are shocked at the presence of soldiers in our midst again this time on the road, we are not happy at all and we are actually scared of what there are capable of doing, said a motorist who had been stopped by the soldiers. The soldiers have set camp adjacent to the road and they have been they for over a week now, said a villager.

Soldiers in Zimbabwe have a history of being abused to instil fear in the people – especially in rural areas. Over the past decade the army has been deployed to reaffirm Zanu PF strongholds in the rural areas and many people feel that Zanu PF is yet again using the bloated army to instil fear into the people – especially with election talk rife.

A teacher in Mudzi questioned the reason why Zimbabwe, which is not currently at war or even facing a threat of war, has such a large army. What is the purpose of such a big army? It is meant to intimidate the people and not to protect them. We are feeding them but they beat us at will, he said.

Zimbabwe has a bloated army of over 40 000 soldiers. Most of them live among the civilians and have in recent times been refusing to pay bus fares when they commute to work.

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