War vets re-enlisted

Chinamasa, Mutasa, Made step up intimidation
didymus_mutasaNYAZURA - War veterans who spearheaded Zanu (PF)s ruthless campaign of violence in June 2008 have been re-enlisted to frighten villagers into supporting the ailing party. (Pictured: Didymus Mutasa)

After realising it has been losing a number of supporters in the area it has been desperately forcing and threatening villagers around Nyazura to vote for Zanu (PF) and attend various campaign meetings. Party heavyweights Patrick Chinamasa, Didymus Mutasa and Joseph Made are masterminding the political meetings.

It is reported the three are working closely with traditional leaders to get villagers to vote them into power in their respective constituencies at the next elections. Pishai Muchauraya, MDC spokesperson for Manicaland and the incumbent Member of Parliament for Makoni South which encompasses Nyazura, confirmed the party was forcing villages to political meetings where they are instructed to back President Mugabe and Zanu (PF).

Muchauraya said: “Zanu (PF) is harassing our people. They have roped in traditional leaders, youth militia and soldiers to intimidate or beat up those who try to resist attending their meetings. Our people are being forced to attend rallies where they are being threatened if they fail to vote for Zanu (PF).” He said headman John Rukweza is calling the meetings where those perceived to be MDC supporters were being harassed and black-listed.

“We have names of soldiers, war veterans and youth militia who are driving people out of their homes,” Muchauraya said.

Rukweza, a known Zanu (PF) supporter, is reportedly threatening to eject people from the area if they put forward submissions favoured by the MDC-T. “The inclusion of soldiers, militia and war veterans in the area is an attempt to instil fear in the hearts of the people,” he said.

“They are telling people that if they fail to support Zanu (PF) they will be killed like what happened to others in June 2008.”

He said the latest reports of intimidation, especially in rural areas including Nyazura, have heightened fears Zimbabweans will once again be denied the opportunity to freely determine their future. Zanu (PF) militia and soldiers force-marched villagers to a party meeting held at Rukweza Business centre.

“We were threatened not to repeat what we did in 2008 for voting the MDC, a villager said. They said all the MDC supporters are known and they will be victimized if Zanu (PF) fails to make it again.

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