Zanu PF youth militia witch hunt MDC supporters

mdc_demoZanu PF youth militia in Mbare, Harare have launched a witch hunt on MDC supporters who attended the just ended MDC Third National Congress that was held in Bulawayo at the weekend.

An MDC supporter from Matapi flats who preferred anonymity said all MDC supporters in the area are living in fear as they were being forced to attend Zanu PFs all night vigils for the past three days. Those who do not attend are being threatened with expulsion from the flats as the youths claim that the flats belong to Zanu PF when they are council property.

Meanwhile, Magreth Majoni an MDC member from Hwedza in Mashonaland West province on Monday lost party regalia, grocery worth US$25, clothes and US$12 to Zanu PF thugs at Mbare musika. She was coming from the MDC Third National Congress that was held in Bulawayo at the weekend. Majoni who was on her way from MDC congress was assaulted by thugs at Mbare musika in front of a helpless crowd before trying in vain to seek for police protection.

She said the thugs comprising of three women and more than seven men led by the one they called Shefu confronted her at the bus terminus and asked her why she was wearing MDC regalia. They then took all her possessions before running away.She reported the matter to the police but no action was taken.

Mean while in Ward 28 Chikomba East constituency in Mashonaland East province, MDC supporters are again under threat from Zanu PF led by one Mai Grace Rufu were they are threatened with unspecified action for spearheading MDC attending the just ended MDC congress. MDC Councilor Ekenia Bhunu and the Hwedza district organizing secretary Manyani are the main targets from Zanu PF in the area. Reports say that people are being frog matched to bases were they are forced to confess their sins of supporting MDC in the area.

The MDC Today – Issue 188

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