A nation under siege

While the world’s focus has been shifted more onto Syria and Lybia, the continued suffering and humiliation of ordinary people in Zimbabwe and the indecency of a ruining Mugabe regime so politically bankrupt yet determined to cling to power who see themselves as the be-it and end all for any political leadership space, is given less coverage. SADC and the African Union render themselves irrelevant in the political and economic struggles of the Zimbabwean masses as these organizations toler

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

Meanwhile Zanu Pf and its overzealous militias continue to wantonly harass and intimidate opposition members with such impunity reminiscent of the so-called Wild West. Just like the doomed brother leader from Libya and his followers, tactics are now being used to hoodwink the media from reporting and identifying the continued abuse of state machinery against opposition members in a failed attempt to keep the international community away from reporting the atrocities being meted out against the ordinary citizenry and those leading the clamor for the inevitable change. Thanks to the technological advancements, reports continue to stream in via different media far much faster and more accessible than Zanu pf’s vain attempts to air their propaganda through the on e sided state media, the dysfunctional ZBC and its subsidiaries.

As was the case with the now deposed political elites in the first stages of the Tunisian, Egyptian and Ivorian recent political revolutions- the Mugabe regime and Zanu Pf continue to bury their hands in sand in the ill-fated belief that theirs is a birth right to appropriate wealth and control the state media in self delusion that their propaganda will slow, stop and ultimately silence the voices of change. Mirroring the violent but futile events prior to the fall of Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt and the soon-to-go Assad of Syria and Saleh of Yemen, Zanu pf has resorted to even storming and harassing religious gatherings all in a covert way to suppress the determination and freedoms of the Zimbabwean masses as noted in the arrest of Father Mark Mkandla in Lupane and the bizarre arrest and tear gassing of a church gathering in the high density suburb of Glen Norah illustrating how Zanu PF and the Mugabe regime are so determined to hold onto power at all costs. Fortunately, history bears testimony to the ultimate champion as actions by the masses will always triumph against the evils, ills and all-talk propaganda from dictators and distracters alike.

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