Communication is the key

Too many Christians know about Jesus Christ but do not know Him. Is He a reality in your heart or a religion in your head?
In every successful marriage communications and hearing are two of the greatest keys. Misunderstanding, lack of faith, resentment and disappointment leave nine out of 10 marriages in failure. The source of most of these problems is the lack of communication - most important is listening to one another.

Interpreting what you have heard incorrectly is also one of the sparks that can get the fire burning. It is no different in your walk with Jesus Christ. How real is your relationship with Him in prayer? Prayer is your greatest gift to come to know Him and yet I believe it is the most neglected.
The statistics of failed marriages indicate the lack of correct communication. It is exactly the same in your relationship with Christ. Are you a lukewarm Christian longing for more or disappointed with how religion has dealt with you? The key is in your hands. You can choose to have the most incredible journey with Jesus Christ when you start to use the key that is within you prayer.
I am not talking about one hour in the morning or in Church on Sunday but about a continual prayer or communication in your heart. Christ is not only your closest friend He is your Bridegroom and lover of your soul. What an incredible opportunity to have an on going relationship with the one who loves you so much that He was prepared to give His life for you.
When doing your everyday work – washing, ironing, in the office, driving, playing sport, having tea or meeting friends, we can go on and on, He is your life. The more you allow Him into your every day activity you will find the Spirit within you becoming such a reality so will your love and desire for Him increase within.
You begin to realise how you long to share your new found friend with such a passion and excitement, He is coming to life within, twenty for hours a day. You will discover the joy of the Lord is your strength and life. God is your heavenly Father and The Holy Spirit is your Comforter and Teacher and will lead you into all Truth.
Jesus said “I am the way, the Truth and the life.” Jesus Christ within invites you to truly start and listen to the Spirit within and to share with Him yourself. The heartbeat of every Church of Jesus Christ should be your times of prayer, you can measure your relationship and worship by your communication giving Him pre-eminence and making Him centre – not yourself.

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