Many healed in Chivi meetings

crusadeZimbabwe for Jesus recently held a crusade in Chivi, (which means sin in Shona) - a relatively small community that has been horribly bound in spiritual darkness. Its name has not come about by accident.

Witchcraft, drunkenness and prostitution were rife and almost all the people in the community were involved in the worship of spirits i.e. demons.

Up to 2,000 people attended the meetings on each of the 12 nights of the crusade. To begin with most were coming just looking for their torments and afflictions to be taken from them. They had no knowledge of God or of the concept of sin, righteousness and judgment.

Some people were healed on the first night of the crusade and then never returned, not because they had no interest in God, but because of the kind of mind-set that dominated the community.

It took nearly six nights of preaching about the terribleness of sin and the need for repentance before people really began to understand that their greatest need was for forgiveness and reconciliation with God.

This is exemplified by the story of one man (see pictures above) who came on crutches on the first night. He had suffered from a ram-rod stiff knee for 11 years. Doctors had not been able to help him. The Lord completely healed his knee. He rejoiced, testified to the miracle and then disappeared from the crusade. He had obviously got what He came for and so thought there was no further need to come back! He missed out on the whole purpose of God for his life. What a tragedy!

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